Our Values

Our Philosophy


The academy's philosophy is quite simply to build on the powerful legacy of the university's championship soccer teams - the Golden Bears and Pandas - by bringing the outstanding skills of the coaches and players to the Edmonton communities, to enhance the skill set of enthusiastic and talented young soccer players in the 7-18 age groups.

a common APPROACH

We work in a dynamic way where players are placed in a decision making training environment.

We seek to develop consistent players who are autonomous - who think, grow and learn.

Players need something sustainable/common in order to become mature and to grow as a person not just as a player

The Player is the Value

All decisions around players are taken in order to develop them.  The player stops being a means for the benefit of the coach/program and becomes an end in him/herself.

What is in the best interest of the player guides our actions.

When you work in this way, the player becomes the reference.

the identity of our players

  • Active players who CREATE and CONTRIBUTE to our programs.

  • CONSISTENT players who learn to COMPETE 

  • Players who GROW in every way

  • Players who represent US




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